ID Card & Identity Management Systems

In today’s security conscious world, corporations and large employers need to:

  • Protect people, property, and profits
  • Manage access through visual, physical, and logical identification
  • Track and manage visitors
  • Maintain an emergency response plan

Employee ID cards are the key starting point of an effective security and card access control system.  The cards provide visual security of who is authorized to be on your property. Most organizations also identify Visitors and Contractors.  Our top-of-the-line brands include Addem Inc exclusive products that offer you more features to make your ID card program more secure.

Employee ID cards often need to be utilized in a variety of systems, including Access Control System, Time & Attendance, Parking, Cafeteria, Print/Copy, Network Log-in, and more.  But, how do you create a one card solution where all respective systems have the identification data needed?  How can you update or revoke cards instantly to all systems?  Our integrated identity platform provides a single point of enrollment, Employee ID Card issuance, and identity management across multiple platforms.

Maintaining a central identity database allows you to easily add other Addem Inc applications such as Visitor Management, Card Access Control and secure Network Log-in.  The synchronization tools, Active Directory plug-in, and event notification provide for real-time or scheduled messaging and cross-platform communication, creating a world where one identity works with many applications.

Other key solutions provided to the corporate market include:

  • Contactless Smart Cards – Our contactless smart cards are usually less expensive than traditional proximity cards, and offer greater security and flexibility.
  • Accountability Manager Solutions – A complete solution that quickly and securely provides positive ID on-site and tracks daily activity of documented personnel and visitors.  The Accountability Manager Solution (AMS) is a software solution that identifies and manages the day-to-day activity of people on company property quickly and securely. Identify, authenticate, track and report on all personnel or visitors with a system that meets the requirements of tracking documented workers. Accountability Manager is a flexible, feature rich solution that can be tailored to meet specific needs based on organization requirements. Organizations experience a higher level of security, increased risk management and greater accountability using the Accountability Manager Solution.

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Industrial Marking and Traceability

The industrial manufacturing sector relies heavily on quality solutions for individual part marking and traceability.  There is a growing need for traceability and accountability solutions in the manufacturing, power/utility and oil and gas sectors and Addem Inc is proud to offer the best and largest product and technology selection in this market place.

One of the most popular, cost-effective and reliable means of part marking is the use of embossing technology as the method of marking, largely due to its durability and capability to maintain integrity in harsh environments over time.

Metal plate marking is done with high-quality, reliable embossing machines that can mark in the form of embossing (raised surface) or debossing (indented) on virtually any metal material including: stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, brass, and gold.

Part marking has evolved from standard numbers and letters into actual raised 2D barcodes for quick scanning options, on a variety of plate sizes to meet the needs of any application.  Metal marking machines can produce standard alpha-numeric text and symbols, dot matrix, 2D data matrix (bar coding) and can incorporate new vision inspection technology.

Part marking and traceability is becoming a necessity and in some cases an insurance or QA requirement throughout the manufacturing industry specifically in (but not limited to):

  • Automotive component manufacturers (transmissions, axels, brake systems etc)
  • Industrial hose manufacturers
  • Wood manufacturing industries (pressed wood products)
  • Chemical plants
  • Tractor manufacturers
  • Farming equipment (plows, fertilizers, etc)
  • Trailer manufacturers (recreational, industrial, farming)
  • Structural concrete manufacturers (beam, columns)
  • Walkway, escalator, elevator manufacturers
  • Shipyards
  • Aircraft maintenance facilities
  • Power plants and utilities (tagging valves and other critical installations)
  • Mining & processing (steel plates, coal industry)
  • Electrical motors (component manufacturers)
  • Gas/utility meter manufacturers/ refurbishing facilities
  • Medical equipment manufacturers/importers
  • Corn processors (ADM)
  • Credit card processors (merchant plates)
  • Water management
  • Rebuilding facilities

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