First Responders

Incident Command Systems

Emergency Management is a large part of our government focus.  Our NIMS compliant Incident Command Systems are used in hundred banks of locations by a variety of agencies.  These solutions include the ability to issue credentials and accurately track on-site personnel and assets at an incident.Credentials may be issued to First Responders, Volunteers, Medical Personnel, Citizens, Evacuees, and Patients.  Our electronic accountability systems capture data from machine-readable ID cards and tags, verify a person’s identity, and tracks all personnel at a site, so you know who is at the site, what their qualifications are, where they are assigned, and when they arrived/departed/last had a status check.Systems can be used in a variety of incidents such as fires, natural disasters, evacuations, field events and exercise, and in interagency mode.  Interoperability among agencies is vital in a mutual aid incident.In conjunction with public health, patients in mass casualty incidents can be identified by triage tag and tracked to various area hospitals.  Our card management systems also allow you to utilize the responder ID cards for other applications such as access control systems.We offer solutions to meet your needs and budget.

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