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Addem, Inc provides to colleges and universities, an affordable, high-quality solutions. Our solutions change the campus card world by providing better, more complete choices that are cost effective, include everything that you require, and come with the certified local support you need.

The campus card market is changing rapidly. A variety of important new trends and technology are here, and they impact safety, cost savings, revenue generation, and greater efficiency.

Photo ID Systems – ID Card Office Speed & Efficiency & Identity Verification

Most colleges and universities issue photo ID cards to students, faculty and staff. The cards are a visual identification and work in a variety of systems on campus as well at off-campus merchants. Schools need to issue durable cards that are durable and secure, and they need to issue them quickly. The Addem, Inc. offers photo ID card systems to meet any need and budget.


You can increase the speed of your ID card issuance with SmartReg. With SmartReg you save up to 15 seconds per card by automatically recalling the correct record immediately with a simple scan of a driver license.

Access Control & Security, Biometric Access Control

Building access control systems are being installed at a rapid rate in higher education. Buildings, facilities and even dormitories must be safe and secure. Wireless door access control is growing quickly, especially for dorm rooms. You have certain areas that need even higher security, such as research labs or computer departments. It is easy to add an additional “factor”, such as biometric access control. Having to present the ID card and your finger to a reader provides much stronger security.

Contactless Smart Cards & Proximity Cards

Contactless cards are quickly replacing magnetic stripe cards as the ID of choice for many schools. Advantages include greater security, ease of use, and the ability to handle multiple card applications. You can easily migrate to contactless cards.


Colleges & universities have many tracking needs and find our EPIC Track product to be the best and most flexible system available.  Tracking applications include chapel and lab attendance, activities tied to pay, trips, assets, equipment, textbooks, AV/Computers, rec center, freshman programs, and many more.

Emergency Management & Accountability, Portable ID Card Systems

Many colleges and universities are taking advantage of the federal government REMS (Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools) grants for higher education. These grants promote the use of National Incident Management Standards (NIMS) and cooperation with local law enforcement and first responders to be prepared in case of an incident.

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NIMS Emergency Management Solutions

Addem, Inc. offers complete solutions to issue credentials, accurately track on-site personnel & assets and easily access NIMS forms for Federal funding. We work with local agencies using National Incident Management System (NIMS) standards and have NIMS compatible systems. Our Accountability Solutions increase interoperability for mutual aid accountability. Track information and victims, emergency responders and volunteers at incidents.

Our solutions are attractive and a cost-effective option to issue cards or to track people remotely. The integrated mobile workstation can house your photo ID system, cable management, mobile tracking devices, and badging supplies. Mobile Solutions can also manage government ID programs for local police, fire, and emergency management groups.

Tracking of assets is a vital issue for public safety today. Equipment, inventory, tools, maintenance and more must be accounted for. Our Asset Management solutions help you save time and money.

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