Hospitality & Retail

ID Cards and Card Management SolutionsResorts, Cruise Lines, Hotels and Clubs use Addem Inc provided systems to issue plastic ID cards to their customers. Addem Inc dealers have extensive experience in offering efficient and cost effective systems.Our powerful systems quickly issue Plastic ID cards to your customers on the spot.  The systems integrate with your management software for accurate customer information.  Many customers also use the system to issue employee ID cards.

In many cases, the prestigious and personalized card is preprinted with an image of your choice.  The cards are used to open guest rooms, charge purchases on-site, and other tracking needs.

For retail establishments, our customers issue cards for credit card, gift card, frequent shopper card, and discount card applications.  The cards can be combined with loyalty or gift card software for adding/diminishing value and producing reports.

Key solutions provided to the hospitality & retail markets include:

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Membership ID Cards

A wide variety of membership organizations use Addem Inc systems to issue plastic ID cards to their valued members and customers.  Whether your organization is large or small, we offer a system to meet your needs and budget.

Organizations have found that issuing a prestigious and personalized plastic card is popular with their members.  It is the “billboard in the billfold”, the constant daily reminder of your organization.  It is valued and kept in the wallet with the “good” cards.  Some organizations believe it increased member renewal rates.

Our membership card printers can produce an ID Card with machine-readable technology such as barcode, magnetic stripe or contactless chip.  The cards can then be read for a variety of purposes such as convention attendance or continuing education courses.

Some examples of member organizations that use our systems include:

  • Health Clubs
  • Auto Clubs
  • Labor Unions
  • Professional Associations
  • Civic Associations
  • Zoos and Museums
  • Country Clubs & Swimming Pools

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