K-12 Education

Visitor Management, Student Cards, Campus Access Control

Securing our schools is critical, and industry experts are clear on their recommendations. Some recommendations are:

  • All people on campus (Students, Faculty/Staff, and Visitors) receive and wear a Campus ID. This provides visual verification of who is authorized to be there.
  • Implement electronic Visitor Registration with sex offender database check.
  • Consider installation of Door Access Control and Video Surveillance.
  • Limit campus entries.  Lock entrances when school is in session.
  • All visitors must register in the office.

Addem Inc offers complete solutions for the K-12 market that are integrated and affordable.  Many customers apply for funding from the Readiness & Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) grants and others take advantage of our Municipal Leasing option.

Our comprehensive solutions include:

Student Card, Faculty & Staff Card

Quickly and easily issue photo ID cards.  Connect our ID system with your student information system database to retrieve accurate data creating a Campus Card that can be used anywhere.  Our fast and compact systems make card issuance a breeze, even in peak times.

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Crisis Communication Radio

A simple, inexpensive one-way radio device and EVAC-PAC. School officials and law enforcement can provide information to teachers and staff with instructions during an emergency. SafeCeiver can be used during power outages, medical emergencies, field trips, crowd control and intruder notification.

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Visitor Management

Thousands of schools have implemented electronic visitor registration.  Quickly scan a government-issued ID, like a driver license, and print a visitor tag.  The information, including time/date, the person they are there to see, is stored in the database.  Our Visitor Manager system will check the visitor against the national sex offender database and against your own internal “barred” list.  The system can integrate with your current student, faculty and staff database.

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Integrated Identity Platform with Door Access Control & Video Surveillance

Our Identity Platform integrated ID Card Issuance and Visitor Manager, while being able to connect with your student information system and Active Directory.  This platform also allows you to seamlessly add Door Access Control and Video Surveillance.

Providing a safe student environment and helping prevent vandalism on a school campus has never been an easy task. Managing cameras, encoders, and DVRs in a single building can be labor intensive and expensive. Now just imagine the challenge of security coverage across multiple buildings and locations. The Video Insight Enterprise VMS (Video Management Software) provides an easy-to-use and feature-rich solution to meet your video management needs. It’s the perfect solution to help you keep students and property safe while reducing cost.

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Manage Keys Electronically

When faculty members lose a key to the building, the only way to deactivate their lost one is to rekey the entire facility. Costly and time-consuming, rekeying seldom happens, leaving many buildings vulnerable to security risks. BadgePass Access Manager can be implemented as an alternative means of controlled access throughout the school district, allowing you to grant and restrict access to specific areas on campus. You can also run reports on who has accessed each door and when.

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Record Faculty & Staff Time

Keeping up with faculty time cards can be a challenge. With BadgePass Time Manager, faculty and staff can use their ID cards to clock in and out every day, leaving a record of all arrivals and departures. This allows managers to log into the system and easily edit and approve time cards at the end of a pay period before exporting that information to a third party payroll system.

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Asset Manager

Asset Manager is a software solution designed to manage and track assets such as equipment, supplies, electronics, vehicles, etc. Any item that can be labeled with a barcode can be logged into the Asset Manager software and assigned to a department, agency, or any kind of group. With Asset Manager, you can quickly and easily generate reports detailing who has used or is currently using any asset and view inventory details. Asset Manager is a stand-alone product but can also be integrated with other Mobile SolutionsTM and Companion Products to build a more comprehensive system.

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EPIC Track

The EPIC TrackTM Solution enhances any ID program by providing effective tracking of people (students), places (event/classroom) and things (laptops/equipment). Identifying these elements with an ID system provides a basic level of security but by adding the ability to track activity of those identified and analyze the data collected, an organization’s ID program becomes much more useful in terms of security and accountability. This more comprehensive ID program provides greater results through analysis of data collected and reported on. The flexibility to customize each tracking event makes this solution easily adaptable by any type of organization.

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Cafeteria POS

Our POSitive ID System for your cafeteria provides the benefits of anonymous free and reduced lunch identification, fast lines in the cafeteria and accurate reports for government reimbursement.  Use the student card or even a fingerprint to quickly identify and pay for lunch.

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Addem Inc white paper on Safety & Security in Schools.

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