AMT Datasouth has been providing printer solutions to our customers since 1983. The Company’s printers have been, and continue to be used in applications that often times just can not be satisfied with an off-the-shelf plug-ins. Our specialty printers are used in the airline industry, the lottery industry, in hospitals, in auto dealerships, in pharmacy applications, in backroom-warehouse-workshop applications and wherever good, solid, reliable printing is needed. But our solutions aren’t limited to the printer hardware. We pride ourselves in working with our resellers and their clients to come up with the right hardware, application dependent firmware, stocking and after sale support that is needed to solve problems and keep accounts coming back for more.

Our product line includes SDM (serial-dot-matrix) printers, thermal printers, software, and supplies. Our operations center is located in Charlotte, NC and our corporate headquarters are in Camarillo, CA.

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BadgePass has a rich history in installation and system integration. With over 30 years of experience in the security and identification industry, we took the knowledge we gained from interacting with customers and our experience working to install and manage disparate systems to develop our ideas and the foundation for the BadgePass product line.

While implementing systems in the field, we stretched every product that we had available to us to its very maximum limit. Once we could take them no further, we hired our own programmers and began developing our own products. This is when the BadgePass solution came to life. In early 2004, we launched our first product, SmartReg, which has since been installed in over 5,000 customer locations nationwide. We went on to release four additional products: BadgePass Server, Visitor Manager, Access Manager and Identity Manager in five years.

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The Brady Advantage

We Identify and Protect Premises, Products and People.

People. Our people perform in ways that regularly exceed your expectations. We take our expertise and focus on specific markets in your industry. We make sure thatour products are tailored to you. As a result we have become an industry resource in many key markets.

Products. Our products perform in ways that others simply cannot match. They are rigorously tested and are backed by an extensive knowledge base focused on your market. We settle for nothing less than world-class. We can achieve that because we listen to you. What do you do? How do you do it? Your voice isn’t just heard, it is put into action.

Performance. High performance starts with a solid manufacturing process. Producing quality products requires efficient operations throughout our entire supply chain. It doesn’t end there. Our products are backed by a network of highly-trained and knowledgeable professionals.

We are a company that maintains stability while being committed to excellence. We do business that meets our needs today and provides a solid foundation for the future. Our focus and discipline work toward solid, long-term performance for our customers.

Brady is the company you trust when performance matters most.

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Elliott Data Systems, Inc. is the Mobile Solutions™ developer and integrator with expertise in the deployment of mobile security, positive identification and accountability solutions.

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Consumers, citizens and employees increasingly expect anywhere-anytime experiences — whether they are making purchases, crossing borders, accessing e-gov services or logging onto corporate networks. They also expect the ecosystems that allow this freedom and flexibility to be entirely reliable and secure. Entrust Datacard offers the trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that make these ecosystems possible.

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Identification Systems Group (ISG) is a nationwide network of local experts in identification, security, and card personalization, providing high quality, cost effective solutions backed by local support and the strength of our Professional Services Certification program. Each company works together to provide seamless nationwide support and collaboration in the identification and card issuance industry.

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Matica develops, manufactures and markets proprietary high performance, mid-range and desktop solutions for industrial card personalization and card mailing systems. The Group offers a full range of alternative personalization and encoding technologies for banking, government, access control, ID and transportation applications. The Matica companies provide local sales and service on a worldwide basis via its offices in Italy, Germany, France, India, Singapore, China, the USA and the UAE.

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Founded in 1969, Zebra has a rich heritage of innovation. The company currently holds over 4200 asset management technology patents and with over 1700 engineering experts on staff continues to expand our portfolio of solutions and services.

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SafeCeiver is a one-way radio with multiple receivers for the quick and discreet dissemination of important instructions and information.

Sometimes you need to be able to give urgent updates to specific people in times of emergency or chaos. SafeCeiver is a simple, proven system which streamlines communication so that administrators can focus on solving the problems.

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Sielox is proud of its rich history of innovation in the security products industry. We began in 1979 as Sielox Systems based in Sunnyvale CA. Founded by technology legend France Rode, an engineer and inventor best known for his work on the HP-35 pocket calculator as one of the four lead engineers at Hewlett-Packard assigned to the project. Rode also invented and created the first workable RFID products: workplace entry cards, for which he holds several patents including 4,727,369 for Electronic lock and key system and RFID-based Security products.

In December 2010 the company was purchased by Karen Evans and investors lead by Richard Hoel creating a private company. From its Silicon Valley beginnings through today, Sielox is essentially a 35 year old “startup,” creating and enhancing products and applications for end-users through value-added Business Partners.

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